Travel Requirements For Unvaccinated Visitors to Spain

Travel Requirements For Unvaccinated Visitors to Spain

Travel Requirements For Unvaccinated Visitors to Spain

Earlier this year, Spain made some changes to their travel restrictions for tourists. The new rules are designed to put visitors from outside of the EU on an even footing with those from within the Bloc. In the past, unvaccinated visitors were banned from entering the country for non-essential reasons. Now, however, they are welcome.

Spain has removed some of the most stringent travel restrictions for tourists. Previously, all travelers, including non-EU citizens, needed to have proof of a Covid vaccination. This was the only European country with restrictions on unvaccinated visitors. A negative test, a vaccination certificate or a health control form was required. Vaccination certificates may require authentication or legalization. If you are planning on traveling to Spain, you should check with the Spanish Ministry of Health to find out what you need to do.

Spain has also removed the requirement for an indoor mask. Although it is still mandatory for certain situations, including taking public transport, wearing a mask is not required everywhere. It is a good idea to pack a mask for your trip, particularly if you are visiting an area where there are animals. You may be asked to wear a mask when you visit hospitals or pharmacies. If you are travelling in a car sharing service, it is also a good idea to put on a mask.

Spain also removed the requirement for a negative rapid antigen test. This test can be performed by a laboratory at a testing laboratory within 48 hours of your departure. The new rule applies to adults as well as children. However, if you are planning to visit Spain, you should still be fully vaccinated. Those aged over 12 should have at least two vaccinations, including a booster shot, before leaving home. If you have had the Covid vaccine less than nine months ago, you will need to get a booster shot before you leave.

In April, Spain made some changes to their travel restrictions. They no longer required British citizens to fill out health control forms. They also no longer required school groups traveling with students to complete a Passenger Locator test. All UK teachers are now free to take school trips to Spain.

Spanish authorities have also relaxed the Covid-19 restrictions. Adults can now enter Spain with proof of a full vaccination. This means a titer of at least one, and a booster shot if you are older than 18. Previously, this was only applicable to travelers who had visited a country where the disease is endemic. The new rules do not apply to travellers under 12.

Spain has also removed the requirement for a negative Covid test. This is a private lateral flow test taken up to 24 hours before your departure. However, if you are traveling from the United States or Canada, you will still need to have a negative test. Alternatively, you can take a PCR test, which is an antigen test taken up to 72 hours before your departure.